Commercial lawyer

- company and tax law
- international tax law, especially inheritance tax
- class action suits
- development and enforcement of investment- and tax models
- advisor to the Romanian government on reinstatement matters and investment

Restitution (reinstatement) claims in the former DDR

- processing of about 1.000 claims
- establishing an association (10.000 members)
- media: press – Süddeutsche Zeitung, Welt etc.
- contributor to the reinstatement/restitution law
- development and enforcement of investment models
- wide-ranging contacts to authorities, ministries, trustees (Treuhand) etc.
- textbook/commentary and pocketbook on reinstatement of assets

25 years Value Added Tax (VAT) refund

1. refund worldwide: main emphasis Europe
- leader: experienced lawyer
- qualified multilingual specialist staff
- quality control: according to German law reinforced liability (as a lawyer, chartered accountant, tax adviser)
- building up Eastern Europe, especially EU-joining countries
2. network
- Chambers of Commerce, DIHK; AHKs etc.
- Federal Department of Finance, national and international tax authorities
- tank credit- and toll companies, trade fair organisations
- EU-Brussels (Taxud): information and complaints
- expansion of the network and of the service package for Europe (especially to Eastern Europe) and worldwide
3. service package
- pre-financing of the VAT
- information: law, decrees, etc.
- training: employees of a company, optimize of working methods
4. press: skilled essays in specialist journals